We visit impoverished areas overpopulated with animals – routinely to rescue homeless or abandoned animals. Our network of animal-lovers also reports on unacceptable situations for animals, such as abused or neglected dogs. In these cases, we dispatch ambassadors to negotiate and remove these animals from these conditions. These rescues can include Southern California or Mexican shelters, homes, streets, etc.


Once in our care, we immediately assess for life-threatening conditions or disease via veterinary services and our own expertise. Most animals are given flea/tick medication, antibiotics, vaccinations, and treatment for parasites immediately. With loving support and a healthy supply of food, most thrive in weeks.


We have multiple approaches to housing our animals. Some stay in a home facility or boarding (often in Mexico), while others are temporarily housed in Southern California-based foster care. Many dogs need additional training and this is provided by accomplished trainers in a positive environment.


Three main activities are conducted: 1. Bi-weekly adoption events sponsored by local partners and pet stores 2. Routine postings on community forums and social media platforms and showings at foster homes 3. Quarterly adoption events sponsored by Southern California shelters.


Another priority stems from our passion to truly make a lasting difference in the homeless animal population. To combat the rising number of abandoned and neglected animals, we provide access to free spay/neuter clinics and education to promote well-being of animals. We bring in a team of veterinary staff to perform spay/neuter surgeries. Our protocol includes the proper dosage of anesthesia, removal of both ovaries for spays and vasectomies for neuters. We provide post-surgical care on-site and sutures are removed ~10 days after surgery. The clinic is operated by expert volunteers, including a complete medical staff of veterinarian doctors, and it’s available to all community residents at no cost. Our success to date is a true reflection of our passion and values in making the right connections for both animals and humans.


Our team operates across boundaries to bring mobile medical services to areas that have large populations of dogs that need our services.


Providing dog food, medical supplies such as flea/tick medication and vaccines to needy animals. We communicate with pet owners to provide key information to improve the routine care and environment for pets.

Your Donation Makes A Big Difference

We help dogs wherever they may be — those that are stranded, neglected, abused, or simply without hope, especially in impoverished areas.