Fosters are an integral part of our rescue process, providing temporary housing and care for dogs and puppies that aren’t quite ready for adoption. In just the past year, our network of foster volunteers helped to save the lives of many hundreds of dogs! We need loving homes to continue helping these animals in need of a little extra time and care. Fosters are truly lifesaving volunteers, and the scale of our rescue efforts are directly correlated to the size of our foster base. Fostering is also a very fun and rewarding way to experience a loving dog if one is unable to make a lifetime commitment.

A New Life Charitable Foundation has various types of fostering opportunities, ranging in the scope and amount of time required. We do our best to be flexible and are always available to discuss creative foster arrangements that may not fit within the below programs:


Short-Term Foster

Short-term fosters provide temporary housing to dogs from as short a period as an overnight stay, but typically run for a few days. Short-term fosters help with taking in dogs from a recent transport, typically right before an adoption event. These fosters help with giving the dogs a smooth transition to the adoption event, giving the dogs the support and love they need coming from their previous stay. These fosters also coordinate with our team and help with transporting their foster dogs to the upcoming the adoption event that weekend.

Full-Time Foster

Full-time Fosters provide temporary housing until their foster-dog finds its forever home. Our platform provides a complete support structure for these fosters, ensuring they have all the resources and backing to care for the dog and ensure a great experience for all!

Puppy Foster

Puppy fosters will be responsible for the care and housing of a single puppy litter – puppies usually get adopted fairly quickly, although the time and resources required for litters is much more significant. A New Life will provide all of the resources and supplies needed, as well as any instruction or medical assistance.


What kind of animals need foster care?

  • Happy loving friendly dogs
  • Puppies and/or mothers with nursing litters
  • Less active dogs such as senior dogs

What expenses are involved with foster care?

A New Life Charitable Foundation provides all food, bedding, supplies, and medical care. Foster families provide housing for the dogs in their care. They also provide exercise, socialization, and lots of love!

Can I become a foster volunteer if I have pets of my own?

Yes, we welcome pet owners as foster volunteers and just request that your dog plays well with others, is in good health and current on its vaccinations.