Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I help?
A. We are in always in need in fosters for the dogs. It is a great way to help out a dog and does not cost you anything. It is a way of having a dog but you don’t have to worry about the long-term responsibility of the dog because we will cover all expenses until the dog is adopted. If you need to take a break from fostering your dog just lets us know and we will find a new foster.

Q. I’m interested in being a foster.  What is required of me?
A. We will provide (veterinary care, dog food, dog crate, toys, etc.). All you have to do is provide love, affection, and care for a dog such as basic training, socialization, and healthy behavior practices.  Please update us on how your foster dog is doing.  We rely on our fosters to provide updated images and biographies for our available dogs.  This will help them find their forever home faster.

Q. I can’t be a foster parent for a dog.  How else can I help?
A. Our organization relies upon volunteers to help set-up, participate in, and break-down our adoption events.  Please contact us for volunteer opportunities.  In addition, we are in need of items to help care for our rescue dogs.  Here is a list of the following items that we need: Dog Food, Dog Crates, Leashes, Collars, Dog Toys, Dog Treats, Newspapers, Blankets, Dog Beds, Dog Houses, Donations to help cover medical expenses.

Q. How are your fees determined?
A. Our fees are similar to that of other private rescue groups. We are a private non-profit that does not get any help from the government. We rely on the adoption fees and donations so that we can save dogs.

Q. What does the adoption fee cover?
A. We spay and neuter our dogs prior to adoption.  In addition, they will be up to date on their vaccines.

Q. Where does my donation/adoption fee go?
A. Adoption fees pay for medical care, vaccines, and food of the dogs that are in foster care. We also use a substantial amount of donations/adoption fees to spay/neuter the dogs of low-income families in Mexico. We have a volunteer that goes door-to-door in Mexico and asks people if we can spay/neuter their dog or cat. We fix 20 dogs/cats per week in Mexico on average.

Q.Where can I meet the dog that I am interested in?
A. Since we do not have a central shelter we hold adoption Events. This is the best place to meet a dog that you are interested in. We do not bring every dog to every event so it is important that you let us know that you will be attending to see a particular dog. We may also be able to set up a meet-and-greet with the foster family but that depends on the foster family.

Q. How does the adoption process begin?
A. Fill out the application form.  Once your application has been reviewed and approved, we can arrange for a meet and greet.  Alternatively, you can meet our dogs at our adoption events but you will need to let us know if you are interested in a particular dog as not as dogs are at all adoption events.

Q. What/who should I bring to the meet and greet?
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