A New Life Charitable Foundation, is dedicated to saving neglected and abandoned dogs – we cannot rest knowing that there are helpless dogs needing to be rescued, and our mission is three-fold:

  • Provide comprehensive services to dogs in intolerable situations via rescue, rehabilitation, and placement in forever homes
  • Administer mobile healthcare and spay/neuter clinics through our team of doctors; addressing both the immediate medical support needs of desperate animals, as well as acting through prevention to end the cycle of homelessness, neglect, and despair for countles dogs unnecessarily suffering.
  • Providing under-served communities with resources and support for animal care – this includes food, medical supplies, training, and education.

While we are a US based organization, it is our mission is to aid and save the most helpless and vulnerable dogs, wherever they may be —-those that are stranded, neglected, abused, or simply without hope, especially in the most impoverished areas, need our help —- and we will not rest until they are all rescued.

Please support us by donating or contributing towards our efforts to save these truly defenseless souls.