Our mission is to aid and save helpless and vulnerable dogs wherever they may be. We help dogs that are stranded, neglected, abused, or simply without hope. We will not rest until they are all rescued. Adopt a dog in Southern California today!

Please support us on the front-lines by donating or contributing towards our efforts to save these truly defenseless souls.

Transforming Lives

A New Life Rescue is committed to saving abused and abandoned dogs, and although many may see certain dogs as beyond hope, we know firsthand that love, care and commitment can transform the lives of so many helpless dogs.

The miraculous transformations are only possible with your support. Please help us save many more lives by donating to our fight to end the suffering.

A New Life Rescue

A New Life Charitable Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit corporation operated exclusively by volunteers. We have significant experience in animal rescue and leverage an established network of highly qualified individuals – our team includes lifelong committed volunteers with a broad range of expertise from veterinarian doctors to professional animal-welfare advocates, some having over 30 years experience and each committed to protecting and saving helpless dogs.

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Rescue / Adoption

We visit impoverished areas overpopulated with animals to rescue homeless or abandoned animals.

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Healthcare / Medical

We provide rehabilitation, spay/neuter clinics, and general healthcare services and render life-saving medical services.

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Boarding & Training

We have multiple approaches to housing our animals as well as providing additional training by accomplished trainers.

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Education & Awareness

We communicate with pet owners to provide key information to improve the routine care and environment for pets.

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Our focus is doing the best for the animals that we rescue by properly assessing each dog and providing necessary veterinary care, while also implementing training and socialization programs. Our dogs are initially cared for at boarding facilities and foster homes, and when they are ready for a new life, we aim to match each dog with their ideal forever home.

Our regular adoption events and social media outreach provide the substrate for finding the best homes. Apply now to adopt a dog in Southern California, CA.

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You Can Make

A Big Difference

We hope to help dogs wherever they may be — those that are stranded, neglected, abused, or simply without hope, especially in impoverished areas.